Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thanks For The Memories

How quickly a moment of love can be snapped away to a moment of hate. One comment is enough to steal it all away. Of how love and war stand upon the very same foundations. How, in my darkest moments, my most fearful times, when faced, became my bravest. When feeling at your weakest you end up showing more strength, when at your lowest are suddenly lifted above higher than you've ever been.They all border one another, those opposites, and how quickly we can be altered. Despair can be altered by one simple smile offered by a stranger; confidence can become fear by the arrival of one uneasy presence.

Everything is one the verge, always brimming the surface, a slight shake, a tremble sends things toppling. How similar emotions are.
[---An excerpt- Thanks For The Memories]

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Delhi- Gone With The Wind!

Winters again, and I was back where I was the same time of the year; I could sniff through the same dense fog, I could feel the same cold chill of the wind, and the ground seemed to welcome my arrival as I got down the train. Delhi was just the same, I wanted to feel it warming and cuddling me into it's arms as before, I had just one day.

When I was there, I wanted to carry the city with me, collect as many memories as I could from the lovely place. I wanted to feel it's warmth and love, meet my beloved ones and party just the same with my friends.

All of a sudden as all those moments flashed before me when I realized how insane and ruthless can our hearts be:

As I walked those lanes, traveled in trams and went past those doors, I knew they knew me no more. I walked past people I never saw before, at the diner there was nobody to wave to and share my table, my classroom seemed to be ghastly and I wanted to run away from there, my friends, they were all gone and if not gone they surely intend to.

I had been misguided into the faking warmth of the city.

The metro, the people, the roads, the hangouts, all seemed to be familiar yet they gazed a stranger's look at me.

I boarded the train and my heart that had eventually got to speed of beating itself to death began to rest, I sighed with relief as I heard the train ram it wheels away from the city and as the wind blew over my face cutting through my hair, so did my obscure fears subdue.

I could feel the emotional upheaval; I loved to be back to the capital and longed to stay there when I landed but by the time twas evening and it was time to leave, I was happy I was done with it so soon.

Now I knew I never belonged there. I had forgotten to find peace and love within myself and I expected a faking city to give it to me. How stupid I had been, but not anymore!

I was appeased, it was finally getting off me, Delhi was finally gone with the wind!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The BratPack Day

Guys, I had a real fun time with all of you!! Hyderabad couldn't have been better without you around!
Well, I've got a few words for all those whom I met, though not much I'm sure these words will hit your<3!!!
Divya Joginpalli- The coolest girl vaishnavi or I met till date!! You were wonderful and In too believe you two girls are no less than any fashionistas of IPE!!!! Keep it up beautiful!
Bindu Sriharsha- We did nothing more than a shakehand, but I loved your compliment over my hair/hairstyle!! And by pretty much from what I know through pictures, you're always running away and your tomorrow never comes, I hope our tomo comes soon and get to meet again, missed your company, PS- I loved you hair too (It felt like silk) :P
Smitha Kulkarni- Baby doll, you're as sweet as you look and I loved your smile!! Everybody needs to have somebody like you around! Too good Ms. Vegas! :)
Tony Cris Gladson- Akon's Double body stunt man eh? What do I say about this Butter Tony-Tony Fry? Your smile makes it all up for your stern looks!! Haha, Thanks for the keys dude!
Ravi Chandra- The silent creek through while joys seems to flow over! Your smiles over the jokes cracked and then the smiles over your own interpretation of them has always been a secret, hope I get to know them soon!! :D
Hrushi Kesh - You seem to be like Enrique down the nose! And now I know why girls fall for you! :P Hope everything goes well between you and the cute guy!!! All the best! ;)
Sai Rahul- Anna For All, This is what I heard from the BratPack, I still remember your style of calling Tony and hitting him! Haha, too good, I'll narrate it to my mom!
Ananth Bharadwaj Mylavarapu- Oh My, You're too cute, too sweet to be spoken anything bad about, lol, you hit those skittles and you won it!!! ;)
Aravinda Kishore- I've known you since long, but you were a lil silent when we met, though you were impressive too, I missed you on the last day! Hope you're still surviving on that single glass of fruit punch!! :)

Well well, this is all I could make out from this few couple of hours with you all, it hardly felt like just a few hours, it seemed as though we were friends since more than a year!!! We'll meet soon, I wish I had friends like you with me all the time!!
Vaishnavi Ratnam- you are missing from the list, I'll need a whole new page to right about you, for now, the video is enough! (Whoever has it, please upload it) :) :) :)
Miss you all!!! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's Meowing

Back home, I wondered if I had anything else to do apart from studying, studying and studying!

I've always craved for a pet, it could have been a dog or a cat or even a golden canary (I know what you're thinking but it's the bird that I'm talking about, not the drink! ;)
But mom!! She was always speculative of the animals I brought home, and somehow she was successful in sending them back to their habitat, no matter whether I picked them up dying or rescued them from the animal bullies, once they got fine, mom was sure I led them back to their 'family'.

Meowwww! That's how it went for an hour when I realized that somewhere a poor lil kitten needed help.
I searched the whole place till I found it sitting under the water tank on my roof top! How did it reach so high up there? It looked weak and scared, that poor thing must have thought- oh yeah, come bully me you too!

I got a bowl of nice warm milk and pushed it towards him, I knew it was a 'him', and then starting walking around pretending I hadn't noticed it was there. Slowly the thing crawled out and began to lick the bowl clean.

Within minutes it was running around my feet, but the moment I let out my hand it went running away. It was scared and so was I.

Another day, another bowl of milk, and it went on like this till we became friends. Every afternoon was our time, The Zenny Catty Hour at 4, I'd rub it's back and let it lick my paws, wash it under the tap and then play!

It has been more than a fortnight and we are friends now.
And I hope to bring it home soon, provided both Mommy and Catty allow each other come closer.

I now something else too to worry about, my smart catty!

Well, can we adopt cats? I wanna name him too... :)
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