Friday, 31 August 2012

Agua de Coco!! Sipping Life The Right Way!!

        Coconut, everything about it just sets me in, the smell, the taste and the after drink relief, it's just what I'm addicted to... Hot springs, spa, sun bath, meditation, sleep and coconuts, you can't just let go of a chance to revive your beauty and health when it's one of these.  A life saving drink in summers! Something that I'd list right next to the nectar of immortality is "Narial Pani"...

         We all love drinking coconut water, don't we? That hard fibrous fruit (why do we call em 'tender coconuts' when all that they can do is break a head when hit? Lol), hung up so high on a tree, can be so delicious...

      "Narial Pani Oye, Narial!!!" is what I hear every morning right while I have breakfast in my room...
Carrying a huge heap of coconuts he cycles right from 7 a.m. in the morning till it's the Tea-Time-4 p.m., shouting his lungs out so that his voice reaches every house on that street in Rajinder Nagar.

      Like everyday, we hear him coming and one of us (I stay with my friends) hurries down to get a few coconuts as he chops off the choicest of fruits guaranteeing us a glass of sweet water each with lots of cocomeat (malai) in every fruit!!

      It was like everyday and I rushed my friend down, but within a minute she was back with a news, the only narial walah in the locality was hurt, he had cut his thumb accidentally and was bleeding profusely! I grabbed some cotton and dettol and we went back to cover his poor little finger that had lost enough blood by then.
      We cleansed his finger and put a bandage, and also cleaned his chopper lest it proves to be infectious to others who buy coconuts from him. Knowing that he was in no mood to visit a doc or get himself vaccinated for tetanus we asked him to do so, paid him for the same and began to leave.

      He was very thankful to us, but I couldn't help myself from noticing that a few people had gathered around watching us as if we were doing something we weren't supposed to.
I wondered if anything that we did a few minutes back wasn't right... And I realized that something indeed was out of place, it was the society, the thoughts that it perceived, and the boundaries and limits that it had set for itself.
      They stood there staring at us until we left only because we had helped a street vendor, had it been a celeb or a star or a billionaire getting hurt on the way, this same group would have rushed to help.
If we want to adopt the western culture, we must accept and adopt it's attitude as well.
      But whatever, Agua de Coco, I'm loving you...!!!
We had hardly stepped in before which our lips reached for the straw and started sipping life in!!! Wow, it was worth all the rush and trouble!!! 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Getting started!!

This is where all our lives change, mine did, and it does, everyday!!
There's always that first time when you're scared of laying down the first step, or taking one off the road. that tiny nanosecond when you heart beats hard and you're not sure of how it's going to end, or fear if it's ever going to start as expected. Things seem to be very simple and easy once done, but before that it's a heavy rush of adrenaline!!

Those little things and I'm now with lots of brand new experiences and lots to share....
When I imagine how I felt just before writing this down, I find it really funny, but it's not, it's fun, and now I'm looking forward to work on this in future!!
Hope you get to read interesting things in here...
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