Sunday, 11 October 2015

Vs Him

Those of you who follow my blog, you must have read the debate on "The Good Guys Vs The Bad Guys", recall point number one.
This is for you girls, men can be very bad, girls can be bad too, but if you are soft at heart then you will end up really hurt- not all of us can be cruel.
If he says he is bad, believe him. Stay away, and if you can't, then be prepared for the worst- this way at least you will know where you are headed to.
I can't say I've dealt with a lot of men, but I've seen the devil in them. They can be ultra cold towards you, taunt you, abuse you mentally. They can beat you, threaten you, abuse you physically. They can take away everything that you own, your love, life and soul and leave you like a withering leaf off a tree.
I am scared of them, the people who can hurt me, but I'm prepared. Its better to know what's gonna kill you than ending up into it blindfolded.
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