Monday, 6 May 2013

Lucky Escapes!

How do you define luckiness?!
By how easily your wishes come true?
By how many times you find your long lost wallet?
By what comes as a return of long forgotten goodwill?
By how many times you escape from the wicked witch in your dreams?

To me, its none of the above!
In my case, its just an escape from a series of mishaps...

Here they go...
Last week, I luckily escape burning from a hot hot pressure cooker as it held it carelessly with my bare hands.
The very next day, I luckily escape an accident on the road, did hurt my knee though, mad mad car and crazy crazy driver!
The third day, I luckily escape hemorrhage by hitting my head onto a nail in the wall, I instead scrape of a bit of my tattoo with my own toe!
The fourth morning was a slip-o-flip in the bathroom, luckily escaping multiple fractures!
After that, the next evening, I'm rushed to the hospital for a stupid bleed, and then I'm miraculously cured just like that!

So, that is me, careless, yet getting lucky at odd times, accident prone yet saving lives - saving my own life luckily!! (Touch wood to escape bad omens)! 

Thursday, 2 May 2013


It all started last year with a list of "Things-Before-Thirty". The start-off being 'Bungee Jumping', completed unsuccessfully, the next that was up was 'Getting Tattooed'!
So last month I miraculously built up the nerve to drop by the tattoo studio to see if the artist I wanted happened to be there available for a walk-in.
I had him paper my design, bring in all my desired curves and details till he was finally ready to etch the master piece onto my ankle!

My heart just about exploded out of my chest - I thought I'd pass out before we even started! Having general anxiety to begin with made me want to run the heck out of there, but knowing how bad I wanted this tattoo, and also that it happens to be on my list of Things-Before-Thirty, I just sucked it up and went for it. I am so glad I did, because I love it!
It took three and a half hours to finish and let me just say that I am so thankful to have been lying on my stomach so I could hide my cringing face in the table! I would have been so embarrassed if people saw my face because there were 2 other guys in there waiting up all calmly and facing in my direction. How can anyone not cringe?! lol! The outline wasn't as bad as the filling and shading. At parts, the outline didn't even really hurt but felt more like a burning, except on the bone where I could feel the needle drilling hard till my knee. But towards the end of the coloring, I was literally clutching onto my head and squeezing my fists to keep from crying out.

I was done, and was excited to show up at home with this new avatar! I awaited that surprise look and that wow, which was eventually heard as i entered and pulled up my jeans to show-off my awesomely beautiful and sexy tattoo!!! And yes, I did get that "OOOOOOh My God"!!!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Away a month, feels like years!!

I know I haven't been blogging for a lil while now, hope you all are still there holding on just like I have, Argghhhh, things happen that put us off for a while, or at least they did put me off.
Anyways, once done and over, its gone... I'm back in action, the same old fun Zen!!! (Like my system, I can't stay on stand-by for long, haha)
.....back with loads of fun experiences and incidences to share, things that I never imagined I'd do!!! ;)
Love Ya'll!!! Muaahhh!!
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