Friday, 28 December 2012

Bragging Behaviours

Choosing teams in real life is a lot different than choosing than choosing teams in a gym class or sides on a chess board! 

--Bragging Beahviours--

The originality revealed, the curses of eternity over flowing through the creeks of desires, forcing continuity to prevail, hindering the gains of successful changes in environment.

That was intense!! Uh!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

An interview, and lots of lessons!

I had recently gone for an interview that would literally hand me a gun and a uniform landing me somewhere near the national frontiers. Being a girl, I had the advantage of doing just paper work and stuff sitting in the capital and not going on field. I was very excited about it and was loving the idea of getting such a job.
I met lots of cadets wanting to join the same, there were girls and guys from all over the country, from places I had taken to be far isolated to reach. They all inspired me, every night we used to meet and talk and share how each of us lived their lives, how hard they had been trying for this interview, the type of cultures and families we hailed from and stuff.
We had to undergo lots of exams and tests conducted as a part of the interview which had elimination at each stage. They tested us for our analytic ability and speed, thought processing, language, general awareness, confidence, IQ and the most dangerous one- psychology.

Test 1- Logical Analysis and Vocab (Maths and Language Test)- I got through!
Test 2- A Situation Reaction Test (Psychology Test)- I filled it anyhow!
Test 3- Tasks (Where they test your confidence, planning & truthfulness in the form filled filled above)- I did it!
Test 4- A Race (Check for everything)- Out team was unimpaired, unhurt and stood first!
Test 5- Personal Interview (You GK and stuff is hanged here)- That was good!
Test 6- A conference (Where a board of 12 tries to sue you for nothing)- No words!

We were being noticed throughout our period of 5-day stay, all our actions were being analysed and compared to our written tests. We were being checked for our originality and even the slightest mismatch would mean our names being crossed off the list.

I realized this interview wasn't a test for perfection or for an A++ grade in academics.
It was about your personality and how well you know it.
It was about being right about one's own self. It was not about being a coward and showing off your bad confidence, it was about the knowing it and writing down the same.
It was about team spirit, and not faking your affection for your fellow contestant.
It was about facing yourself!

After the interview, I realized I spent no time to know myself, I couldn't fake myself at the interview, I knew I'd get caught. I had to guess hard what I was actually like and then write it down. Though I managed to be right in more than 80% of the times, it was a difficult job guessing my own self and then proving it right.

I had learnt something new there, I had to complete the task of knowing myself deep inside. I had learnt that I shouldn't underestimate anybody, unless I knew what they were made of, also, I could never get to know of that, everybody's unique and is a specialist in something in their own way.

I had to be confident of my strengths and be aware of my weaknesses and work towards them, only then I could count on my dreams!!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Turn Foodies on @ GVK One!

As you enter, the place confuses you of the locale, whether you really stand in the middle of a lamp lit jungle
is it just another brilliant architect at his best!

The place had almost all kinds of kitchens flaunting their food not only with deliciously tongue tickling, mouth watering items and whiffer alerting aroma but also with their mind boggling titles.

I walked down the hall as I read "Tibbs Frankie", which claimed to serve the original frankie of Bombay.
There was "Gongura", inviting us to experience the real taste of rice and pachadi from South India.
Then came the "Oriental Express", where the damn tasty continental palettes were being served.
The best was "Health Lovers", that served something similar to the Subway, freshly cut vegetables and spring fuits and hot baked buns.
For the roadside food lovers and real desi chaat lovers there was "Chaatchatpatt".
Icecreams, cold candies and milk shakes of all flavours, toppings and nuts pulled me to "Cherry Cool".
The sea food lovers missing Long John Silver from the USA or the Ambot Tik of Goa must rush into "Prawn Crunch".
Then came the "Nizamiyat", which served the real Hyderabadi Food including the Hyderabadi Biryani and the Zafrani pulao.
The "Banana Leaf" flaunted the royal taste of the traditional Andhra Meals served on banana leaves.
The Delhi style of chole kulche and punjabi roti daal paneer and lassi were brought together at "The Dhaba".
The Italian, Japanese or the Mumbaiyya style of sizzlers delivered aroma that made you chase the "Sizzling Joe".

After taking a complete round and acquainting myself to the place I knew I had a tough choice to make, eating in a short span of 10 T's ain't an easy job... Ha!
I jumped into Tibbs, grabbed that nice hot roll and hurried off, promising myself, I'd land there some other day, some other time, probably with lots of time next...

Till then, ciao... Happy Me, Happy Eating!
Click on the image to read about the interview and more!