Saturday, 2 April 2016

Those Damn Princes!

As young girls we often dream of candy lands with endless chocolate flowing in rivers. We grow up and we begin to imagine our beloved princes on white horses riding over and carrying us back with them.
We grow up a bit more and as the years pass, we realize what the real world is made of, that there ain't gonna be any princes on white horses riding for us. There is going to be just men, normal men - patriarchal men, narcissists men, in a world of men, for men.
Our dreams as young girls never break, they only transform into a crueler version. And yes, they all are fulfilled, well, most of them.
I am not talking of my young dreams here, just sharing my version of the transformed dream.
I'm now stand in the same world which I was born in, facing ridicule, insult, blames and emotional cruelty. Prepared only for love and harmony and peace, I struggle each day to feel some warmth and oneness from the one I love but I get none.
"My prince did ride to me on a white horse, only that he didn't have a heart!"
I then felt sorry for myself, damn those princes, but since I've realized there are no princes anymore, also, Mustangs and albinos from Arabia are expensive, I am supposed to ride into the rugged terrain on my own with my alsatian and love myself so intensely that it teaches others how to love.
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