Thursday, 24 March 2016

Goodbye Dread!

I watched our world's separate!
I looked through to the other side of the window,
as thick smoke curtained the gap between us,
as I departed,
and as the train left!

It was then I realised,
it's not just time,
not just people,
but my own emotions as well that had joined hands to boycott me from that woeful world and brace my own dreams.

The same old world where I used to live and hoard my sorrow of loneliness and crave the bliss of togetherness had now made me a stranger to myself!

Goodbye dark old world, I wish I had never let myself in...

(Like a lot of my posts, this one too was written a lot later than the time stamp shows, I scheduled it to an earlier date just because I  wanted them to be sequenced appropriately.)
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