Monday, 22 July 2013

A free Indian, A free street, A free India!

Last week, I was just walking in a lane off the main road.

I had plenty of time to look around and observe people and places in that locality. I got a huge rush of stares at me as I walked the first few yards. From head to toe, I could feel dozens of eyes following me till I didn't get out of sight.

The public waiting room! It wasn't long before I realized that..

People simply stood outside their offices, sipping tea and entertaining themselves looking at the pedestrians, as if they had all the leisure in the world.

Some simply sat on the platforms along the lane and watched while others took the pain of shifting from a horizontal to a vertical position to look at me.

I noticed that some of the walls along the street had paintings of various Gods and Goddesses, in different sizes. At first, I couldn't understand why would anybody paint them onto walls like that on the road?
Then with a very bad stink, I got the answer, that was to prevent peeing on the walls!

Welcome to the world of public pee'rs! So desperate to water the streets..

A few steps ahead and I saw a man rushing to the nearest empty wall, he was probably challenging his bladder! Some were so proud of peeing right against the 3 inch space between the paintings that he looked all around while he released himself, the show-off guy!

There were people peeping out of their windows to while away some time, there were the home walkers who were to lazy to get down the road to talk a walk.

The peep walkers and talkers were all around!

This wasn't the end of it, as I walked down the lane, some kid hurriedly dashed into me and dropped his ice cream cone, this lil brat started crying so loud that I had to go and get him a new treat first before I could wipe the pink sugars off my clothes!

This was the SSS- Social Service Street!

India is a sovereign, democratic, socialist, republic and a secular state!
Hence, we find all kinds of people doing all kinds of strange things they could ever imagine, at anytime, any place, and with no bounds!
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