Monday, 11 February 2013

The Magic Of Harlem Shake!

Nobody was home this weekend, and I was as usually getting bugged and mad at having nothing to do but being home alone for almost a month!

"Home Alone" usually means "Do what you can", "You're the boss" and "Party Time" until mom comes home, but the case was kinda strange here. I had to cook, take care of the house, keep it neat, send my sis goodies and lunch, everyday, and then study, watch tv, blog, enjoy, dance, and take advantage of being alone, all at once! And also mind my twisted ankle!

Tragic! Ain't it?

Yeah I know, poor me!!

But never mind.

This weekend, as my "Khali Dimag; Shaitan ka Ghar" was doing nothing, and pondering over the buzz of Harlem Shake, I soon found myself jigging at it!
And to add to the wonder, with the jig, my poor ankle that had been wailing since 2 days was back to its angle!! I was back to my dance-zenny-dance mode!!

The Harlem Shake did work wonders!! Lol

Here's a video that definitely demonstrates how mad you can get with the Harlem Shake...Funny it is!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Lil Brat!!

My Sis: "Why didn't you tell me mom was coming today?"
Me: "Why? I wanted to surprise you, so I told you she was going to arrive tomo."
My Sis: "Oh God, your surprise almost got me killed, had you told me, I'd have
            made arrangements and planned for her return, now I'm done for!"
Me: "Okay, I get the planning and arrangement part, but why'd you be killed?
       Mommy's back, you should be happy!"
My Sis: "No, you don't understand." (Sobs)
Me: "Try me, what's the matter?"
My Sis: "Don't you get it? All my clothes, all my dirty shirts and pants have been
            rolled up and are resting on my book shelf, and my books are spread on
            the floor. So now if mom kills me for being so messy, and if I end up
            dead, you'll be responsible for it!"
Me: (HaHa) "She told you to put them in the basket after use, didn't she? I just
      finished doing the laundry, why did you hide all your clothes? I'd have washed
      them all by now."
My Sis: "I didn't hide them, I just forgot to put them in the basket."

For all those who don't know my little sister, she's a brat! A naughty naughty kid, always shabby, messed up in some trouble or another. She rolls up all her dirty clothes and forgets where she put them all. Her school bag, if emptied, brings out lots of crushed age old paper, pencil scrapes, broken rulers and erasers, books without covers, torn labels etc etc etc. In her almirah, which is neat no more, are rolls of every shirt and scarf, under them is her treasure of treasures!!! Cut outs of different cartoons, her letters to God, drawings, coins, feathers, kiddo key chains, toffee wrappers, tiny toys stuffed in socks and things like that!

She's real chubby, she's the soft toy of my family, we all pull her cheeks, poke her tummy, press her nose, and yet she remains to be as cute as she can be, our affinity to fat seems to be increasing in her presence, and we, esp me; feel hungry when she's around, thank god we weren't born cannibals! Lol!

(If anybody has seen that ad that ClinicPlus had put up last year, the Chulbuli Ad, my sis looks like her!)
We all love her for what she is, and even if a single day she tries to be neat and decent, we begin to miss her mischief, our work for the day lessens and we get so easily finished with our daily chores, and then feel bored!

We're lucky to have had you in our lives! Bullying gives peace sometimes, I'm glad I have you around for that!! (I know you'll come after me for writing this here, but I couldn't help the humor!) HaHa

(Anyways I'm sure mom won't kill you for throwing your clothes around) ;)
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