Tuesday 27 November 2018

Emotions are ruthless.
They can build galaxies in your universe and bring you the brightest light on a dark night.
You could walk alone yet not feel an ounce of loneliness.
You could fight the world with all that love, affection and confidence.
Yet at the same time, they can also destroy you.
They could bring your world down to ashes and burn you to the ground.
You could stand among a dozen friends and loved ones yet feel alone and depressed.
You could lose an empire at your hands.
This is what emotions can do.
All they do is build or break without the slightest empathy of any kind.
This is why they are ruthless. And people without them are even more.

Thursday 19 July 2018

Goddesses Slayed No More!

According to a huge population in this world, the body of a female only exists for a man's needs, for him to explore and enjoy. Her hands exist to cook for him in the day and give him a job at night, her legs to walk her from his bedroom to his kitchen and her mouth was never meant to speak, her mouth exists to sing like a bird, smile at his sight, agree to his decisions and to give him the best head he could have ever imagined.

You'd pray to Goddess Aphrodite and Kamakhya Devi but you don't want to see them in the woman before you. You made her body a temple, not her. She doesn't want to be a temple. Why don't you be a temple for a day and then we will talk? If she wanted to be a goddess, she'd be the goddess of sexuality and power and don't you dare tell me she's any less pure.

What a bunch of lunatics we are convincing women to get their breasts and ass enlargements in order to look good then covering them up safely kept aside for the bedroom, exclusively for the man to see. This doesn't mean that women want to go around uncovered, it's about what you assume she wants and how you treat her.

A world where marital rape is not a crime, but the sound of her masturbation makes your ears bleed.
You're the one with desires, but her addressing them will have her killed. Every guy wants to be blown. But the idea of her saying this out loud? Of course, it makes her a characterless slut.

You take her as your trophy wife/girlfriend, because she and her sexuality are something you have won, and you like to boast about it to your friends about how well your demonized plans were executed last night.

You can't take it when say denies to give birth to an offspring. She's only raised to get married off to a man that can impregnate her, to have a son that can dominate her, and god forbid she has a daughter and she lives, you'll give her all the shit you couldn't give the mother. After all she must take the legacy forward. This doesn't mean all women don't want to get married or have no babies, it only means that you are nobody to force her to do anything.

You can't fathom the fact that she could dress this way just for herself, your little brain doesn't understand that her sexuality is not limited to being admired by a man. She doesn't need you to be aroused by her knees and her shoulders just because they are gateways to places you want to go to. That's your problem, not her's. She loves her body as it is. Her body is not asking for it. She is not asking for anything.

You are unfortunately the reason prostitution exists in our country. It is illegal even though you want the orgasm, because these women are nothing but a dirty hole to you. You judge them despite your need for them. You jerk off to porn but you can't handle a life partner who's aware of her sexuality. You'll make out with her, but she's not worthy of love and respect. You think equality is throwing her a pair of bikini because she can't fight in her bra -  well, she sure as hell can.

I wasn't actually going to talk about anything but then why not?

[Image Credits: Sonal Kothari]

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