Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's Meowing

Back home, I wondered if I had anything else to do apart from studying, studying and studying!

I've always craved for a pet, it could have been a dog or a cat or even a golden canary (I know what you're thinking but it's the bird that I'm talking about, not the drink! ;)
But mom!! She was always speculative of the animals I brought home, and somehow she was successful in sending them back to their habitat, no matter whether I picked them up dying or rescued them from the animal bullies, once they got fine, mom was sure I led them back to their 'family'.

Meowwww! That's how it went for an hour when I realized that somewhere a poor lil kitten needed help.
I searched the whole place till I found it sitting under the water tank on my roof top! How did it reach so high up there? It looked weak and scared, that poor thing must have thought- oh yeah, come bully me you too!

I got a bowl of nice warm milk and pushed it towards him, I knew it was a 'him', and then starting walking around pretending I hadn't noticed it was there. Slowly the thing crawled out and began to lick the bowl clean.

Within minutes it was running around my feet, but the moment I let out my hand it went running away. It was scared and so was I.

Another day, another bowl of milk, and it went on like this till we became friends. Every afternoon was our time, The Zenny Catty Hour at 4, I'd rub it's back and let it lick my paws, wash it under the tap and then play!

It has been more than a fortnight and we are friends now.
And I hope to bring it home soon, provided both Mommy and Catty allow each other come closer.

I now something else too to worry about, my smart catty!

Well, can we adopt cats? I wanna name him too... :)
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