Monday, 30 October 2017

Unveiling an Open Secret

Everything in India comes back to family. Acceptance is really important, and whenever someone does something which isn't a norm, they get shamed. Even if their family accepts it, it has to remain a secret. This acceptance should go beyond the household - this includes the society, friends and relatives, neighbours, law makers, and the moral police.

The Hindu tradition is not void of same sex depictions in many instances. Yet, homosexuals continue to be alienated from the social community. Even the law under Section 377 forces criminal charges on any sexual act that is unnatural which has put these sections of the society into terrible stress.

This is even more stressful when it comes to transgenders. Though the society overtly recognises the trans people as hijras or eunuchs, we aren't comfortable allowing them to use a third gender to identify themselves with. This again is kept a secret which everyone knows.

While most of us would easily lay down and revel over gay and lesbian genres in porn, none of us want them to actually live their lives socially. We want their existence to be merely limited to our fantasies. Such genres exist only because these people exist, it's real.

With the number of same sex marriages rising in the country, most of them refrain from publicising their preferences. Even though many metros across the country host gay parties providing a platform for like minded people to meet, they still are organised in secret. Very few people would have even heard the names Gaydar and Gay Bombay. Other social hubs that openly deny any adherence to the LGBTQ+ community only allow secret hangouts instead to prevent interdiction and damage from local politics.

While there is a good number out there who have raced to incredible heights and carved their names on the walls of success, people like Anjali Ameer were too scared to leave their exile. Now she is going to star in a movie releasing this December. Yet there are many who only chose to reveal their identity after they were assured of their protection.

Though the situation in the country has changed now, most of the masses aren't yet ready.
We fail to realise that they are just as real as us. Being hostile towards them won't change the facts. They exist and the earlier we realise that, the better.

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