Saturday, 11 November 2017

A Thousand Years...

"Time stands still
 Beauty in all she is
 I will be brave
 I will not let anything, take away
 What's standing in front of me
 Every breath, every hour has come to this...

One step closer..."

A Thousand Years, sung and written by Christina Perri.

Most of us would relate this song to incredible romance and eternal love, perhaps loving someone who gives them the joys of being alive and making promises of being together forever.

But I'd rather have you ponder on a totally different version of mine:
Years have passed but the clock doesn't seem to tick for her. Though she has grown old, and her hair has gotten grey, she is still a beauty. She is still brave and fearless. This woman has always been independent in all ways and so she remains. For years she has fought for her dreams and after so many years, would she let a little rip stop her? She wouldn't fail herself now, not after all that she has been through, not after all that she has achieved, not after where she has reached. She would give her very last breath away fighting for what she deserves, for what she believes in...

Well, the whole song is definitely romantic, and we won't even recall the version above while listening to it as the tune and words melt our hearts.
But then, we gather strength only in scraps and fragments before we rise up as a fighter.
So this is to all women, men and others who are searching for motivation and courage.
You'll find it anywhere you want, even in moments that are terribly depressing!
You only need to be watchful!

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