Saturday, 9 December 2017

'Aur Batao'

I know you all must be doing really well, but I'll still take the pains you letting you know that I know all about your whereabouts, what you have been doing since the last 13 years. I know about the fight you had with your sister last Christmas and the one before that with your brother over Diwali. I can narrate the list of gadgets you've used till date. I know all your friends along with their surnames, I know of your school crush and college affair. I also know the person whom you secretly hate. I know what you ate a month ago at a local pizzeria and I also know what you pooped this morning.
I basically know your life in and out even though I seldom talk to you.
I must let you know that even though I know it all, I'm least bothered about it.

I'm that nosy neighbour or that wave away friend whom you only get to hear from once a year on your birthday. I am all of us.

Most of the times when I've called to wish you, you know I have secretly hoped that you wouldn't answer the call and save me the embarrassment. I know this when I receive your text sorrying that you were busy and I got the chance of winding it up easily. 

But then there are those unfortunate times when we do cross each other and have had to talk because we forgot our phones and we couldn't fake talking over it as we walked looking away.
It also happens when one of us accidentally answers the unintended phone call.

So what happens when we finally come face to face?

We wave and hug with a big gaping smile as if we've found our joy.
We ask of each other's well being with banal greetings.
Now comes the challenge of keeping the ball rolling.
Neither of us want to be there, yet we are.
We want to wind it up as casually as we can and leave the scene immediately without looking too rude.
But we still continue saying ‘aur batao‘ again and again as no one wants to be the first person to accept the awkwardness and finish the buffet.
It’s like juicing a sugarcane, by passing it repeatedly through the crusher, only to result in garbage which you don't know where to keep.
And if its the festive time of the year, esp New Year, then you've got nowhere to go.
All year long, a boring answer to aur batao  only meant that you had no news.
When it's the year end, suddenly, 'So what are your new year plans?'  becomes the 'aur batao'  of December and there's nowhere to run.
A boring answer to this would only mean that you don't have a life. Even though the world is up kissing and partying, you'd love to laze at home and sleep.
But for the sake of it, deep in your heart you know that you have to nail it for the social trophy of the year. After all, this is what everybody is going to be talking about all summer for who had the most exciting new year's eve.

Before you ask me 'aur batao', I am going to have a really awesome time on 31st. I'm going to travel to the desert and sleep in my PJs.
Any way, if you have any better, exciting and new comebacks to spool the yarn, please batao in the comments below!

NOTE: If you didn't get the sarcasm in this post, kindly send me a New Year's Card with the answers and I'll explain.

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