Thursday, 28 December 2017

That's all!

Not everything in life goes as expected.
Sometimes, in fact a lot of times we are disappointed, I am!
And then we start missing a lot of things--food, friends, family, love, hope and may be lots of other things...
We are humans. Made of emotions.
And when it comes to emotions, we crave for them and fear them at the same time..
It's that sudden surge in your heart to pour  out unconditionally in all directions into everything around you.
That mystery of not knowing the depth of your feeling incites the excitement to fall for it.
And even with the fear of getting hurt while it remains shallow as you fall into it proves that it is for real!
For those who measure and confirm every detail can never get through such unforgettable moments of bliss.
Human heart can't be forced, it is or it isn't. If it is, nothing is can harm it, if it isn't, acceptance is really important. It isn't meant to be handled with caution, it's meant to be passionate and understood sans words.
It is adorned with scars of the past on a slate that can't be rewritten or wiped clean. It just has to be this way, memories are precious - good or bad, we cherish them and we must understand that none of them were futile, they all meant to be purposeful for reasons only the universe knows. We hold on to the lessons of the past and that's selfish. But that's okay because may be because we have been selfless for too long.
Its just that all of us need somebody to talk to, about nothing specific, but just like that, to feel good.
Without any questions or answers, but just to know that somebody, someone is around... That's all.

So, this being the last post of 2017, before I begin my celebrations for NYE, I promise that I'm going to let my heart be free from all the fears and love unconditionally. I'll be selfish yet magnanimous. I'll embrace my flaws and work on my strengths. I'll give up anything that bores me or stresses me out. I promise to take up that hobby that I've been wanting to since years. I'll not let the unknown stop me and I'll let my curiosity develop and divulge the mysteries. I'll pack my bags and strike off all the items on that bucketlist.
So cheers! Here's to a new start! Here's to lots of beer and love and adventures! Here's to 2018!

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