Thursday, 1 June 2017

HEADLINES: PC's leg showoff!
- Feminism for all!

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When men wear shorts and show their legs, its okay, no one even bothers to look at them because he is trying to be cool and comfy. It's no big deal.But the moment a girl wears anything above her mid calves, she has to face moral disgrace and slut shaming. She has definitely no respect for anyone around her.

When boys put up shirtless selfies, its definitely not to arouse women, (it's again your fault if you are), it's to show their ripped abs and their shoulders. they're showing their masculinity and their hard work in the gym.
But the moment a girl wears a low neck line showing her cleavage, "they" are the ones feeling aroused and it's her fault. She is doing this to attract them. She is just asking to get raped by showcasing the breasts to all these masculine men who are now turned on by it.

HEADLINES again: PC was slammed today on twitter and other social media for 'showing legs' to Indian PM Modi!

Why do we keep sexualising women and their bodies and why is it okay for men to roam around as naked as they can?

As far back as in 1936 did the officers of marine corps began the movement of 'Free The Nipple' in the US after which it was legalised only in some of the states for men to be allowed to roam topless. In many parts of the world and in the US, its still illegal.
Did we expect to see the naked torso of men in public before 1936? Why not?
It seems so normal now.

What do we understand from this?

Its all a matter of time when we regard certain things appropriate or not.
So if women in the world today are fighting for equality in freedom and power, it isn't too much to ask for.
For many, this may seem to be a demand out of the world, but let me tell you, it won't be a few years from now.

PS, those of you who feel this is all about only allowing women to be naked, it isn't.

It's about letting women do what they want, be it a matter of travel, marriage, work, fashion, clothes, language, empowerment, authority, justice, education, sex, appearance or lifestyle, it's her wish.

It is about gender equality.
It is feminism.
It is for all of us.

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