Thursday, 30 March 2017

Now I Know

I always wondered why it happened to me-

It wasn't my fault.

They were the one's with the wrong goals, trying to achieve the wrong things and hence, I was like a mountain of obstacles to them.

I showed them that their possessions were not enough to lure me in.

I was too strong for their weak minded games.

I was too much of a valiant before their cowardly and spineless nature.

They were typically pissed because I exposed their unduly adolescence.

It was just that I reminded them of the lack of substance and truth their hearts possessed.

Every time they saw me, they felt an invisible smack on their face.

They couldn't stand my veracity and truthfulness.

Now I know why it happened to me-

It was them!

To all those who want to bother me for the rest of my life, please don't give up!

I've always been working towards perfection.

And I'll need someone to pull me down so that I can slingshot myself even higher.

I'm not going to stop loving myself.

And I'll do it even more now because- Now I Know!

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